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    How many people who were, through the triage system in greater need and in a potentially better survival window "got put on hold" or did not survive because necessary resources were put into a single person, who by CNN accounts this morning had no chance of survial. NO! I am not being a heartless bahstahd, just following the rules of triage and greatest good to the greatest number.

    In Miami, baby awaits the right parents

    Miami Herald Staff

    PORT-AU-PRINCE -- A mystery baby girl from Haiti is recovering from earthquake-related injuries in Miami.

    At a makeshift camp amid the ruins, a woman wonders what happened to her 2-month-old bébé Jenny.

    Now, an organization that specializes in reuniting families after war and disaster is trying to figure out if the motherless child and the childless mother belong together.

    ``We just want to make sure that we've reconnected the child with the right mother,'' said Bernard Barrett, spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

    ``It's feasible that several children were pulled from the wreckage. We don't want the mom to say that's not my baby.''

    When the earthquake struck on Jan. 12, falling cement knocked Nadine Devilme unconscious in her Canapé Vert home, killed her child's nanny and buried her 2-month-old under rubble.

    The baby's father, Junior Alexis, searched frantically for days for his missing child while his wife recovered from a blow to her head, lower back and banged-up arms.

    ``I looked but could not find her,'' Alexis said. ``I thought she died.''

    Alexis, 24, and Devilme, 23, moved to a makeshift camp in front of the Canapé Vert Hospital near their home. They share the space with a few dozen other families, most of whom are awaiting medical care.

    Five days passed with no word of Jenny, born Nov. 1 and nicknamed ``Bébé.''

    On Saturday, two journalists working for ABC News were passing a pile of rubble when they saw a commotion.

    Their driver stopped.

    ``They said they thought they heard a baby,'' said Kathie Klarreich, who lives in Miami.

    Within moments, people who had been picking throughthe rubble unearthed an infant.

    ``Kathie sprinted out of the car, sprinted up this huge mountain of rubble,'' said Lara Petusky Coger, an ABC field producer who was with her.

    ``Not 15 seconds passed before we had the baby in the car.''


    Klarreich held the baby on the trip to the United Nations triage compound near the airport. Coger dripped water into the baby's mouth and tried to keep her alert.

    ``Twice we almost lost her in the car,'' Coger said.

    The baby was in bad shape when she arrived at the compound.

    She had broken ribs, a skull fracture and a weak pulse, according to Dr. Arthur Fournier, a University of Miami medical school associate dean and co-founder of Project Medishare for Haiti. He was on the ground in Haiti and made the decision to fly the baby to Miami.

    ``Basically she was looking like she was fixing to die,'' he said.

    A plane was getting ready to take off. Fournier had to act fast to get the baby on it.

    He found a United Nations driver and said: ``If you can get me [there] in 15 minutes,we'll name the baby after you.''

    The driver, named Patricia, raced to the medical compound.

    They gathered a pediatrician and a nurse -- both named Karen -- and with baby intow made it to the plane on time.

    They dubbed the baby Karen Patricia.

    ``She's doing great. She's a total save,'' Fournier said.

    ``This is destiny's child.''

    Wanting to document the story, Klarreich and Coger, the ABC journalists, returned to the medical compound only to find the child had been whisked to Miami.

    Klarreich went back to the rescue site to find the baby's family. A relative gave her Alexis and Devilme's phone number. Klarreich sent them a text message letting them know the baby was OK.

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    Rick, pay a visit to the crusty site and check out the USAR teams to Haiti thread for some reports from someone on the Comfort. It may provide some insight regarding your opening comment.
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