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Thread: Tools of Choice

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    Yes, they are very useful for handling small incipient fires. You can generally get water on the fire faster (which limits damage) and use MUCH less water than a hose (also reduces property damage) or use no water at all. It also allows you to return to service much quicker.

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    I for one am a big advocate for the PW can. Whenever we roll into something in investigation mode, I'll bring the can with us. Have knocked down many small fires with it. 2 1/2 gallons of water goes a long way if you've been trained to use it right.
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    On our engine the privates come off with a 3' halligan and a 4' drywall hook. i come off the truck with the TIC and a 35" TNT tool. If the FEO gears up he brings a pickhead axe, but he generally stays and operates the engine.

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    We have no riding assingments What side of the truck you get out on says what tools your closest to and you grab the tool your next to

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