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    Not sure if this is the correct place to post but it seemed to be the closest thing to my question.
    The question is can you wear knee pads such as those used for rollerblading in case of fall under your turn out gear? I personally don't wear them but several of our newer members are using them. I don't believe this to be safe if they were to melt under heat from a fire. Is there a standard in NFPA that I can use to reference for safety?
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    I don't understand why you would want to. If you're doing search drills where you're on your knees a lot during the day, sure, but not while actually fighting fire.

    What would concern me is that with pads you've just lost any ability to feel heat or anything in the floor. I know a crew that caught fire running between floors by doing just that.

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    I don't understand why either. I have tried to explain this to the members that use them but they won't listen to me. Feeling the heat may save your life because you will know that the fire may be below you. That is why I am wondering if there is something in the NFPA standards that may require any or all gear to meet certain NFPA mandates or standards thus the kneepads will not meet that standard and not be allowed.

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