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    Default Chicago Crimson Engine Hose compliment

    Id love to get the spec of how much hose the "newer" Chicago Spartan Crimson engines carry on the hose bed. I got a great view of them in action last year on a buff trip, and id love to get the specs.

    From memory:
    Front bumper 170ft four inch "fast water" line
    2 200' ft Cross lays

    Unknown length of four inch supply line,

    Unknown length fire to hydrant horseshoe on a tray above supply line

    Preconnected two and a half

    Gutter lines

    Any pictures would be great

    Its great how the engines are set up to go "both ways" fire to hydrant and hyrdant to fire.
    Looked damn near perfect to me.
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    Their set up is great. As far as pictures go, go to the following websites. You will find thousands of pictures from hundreds of chicago incidents:




    On the front bumper they have either 220 or 170 of 5'' supply line.

    In the rear they have (from left to right):

    800' of 2 1/2 line into a gated Y, with 150' of 1 3/4 coming out of one end of the Y (skid load). Middle, 800' of 5'' supply line. Right 800 feet of 2 1/2 into a smoothbore playpipe.

    On the officer's side, below the ladder, they have 100' of 1 3/4 used for their trash line. Garbage fires, car fires, etc.

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    Just a note...im 99% sure it's 800's across the rear...but it might be 600's. I know for sure it's one of the two.

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