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    Thumbs down Cuts Proposed to AFG for 2011

    Time to contact our Congressmen again.

    For Immediate Release
    February 1, 2010


    On Monday, February 1st, the Obama Administration released its Fiscal Year 2011 budget proposal, detailing requested funding levels for programs and offices in the federal budget.

    The approximately $3.8 trillion budget includes $45.6 billion for homeland security spending. Although the proposal increases funding in some areas, it contains significant cuts to firefighter grant programs.

    The budget includes $305 million for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program. Although an increase from the $170 million contained in last year's budget proposal, the figure falls short of the $390 million appropriated by Congress for the current fiscal year. The grant program, which received approximately $3.1 billion in requests in Fiscal Year 2009, provides funding for critical equipment, training, and apparatus directly to local fire departments. It also provides grants for fire prevention and safety programs and firefighter health and safety research.

    The Administration also proposes $305 million for the SAFER grant program, a sharp decrease from the $420 million appropriated in FY2010. SAFER provides grants for hiring firefighters to help fire departments combat staffing shortages. The grants also enable volunteer fire departments to assist with recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighting personnel.

    The Administration has proposed funding the State Homeland Security Grant Program at $1.05 billion, an increase of $100 million over FY2010. The budget request also contains an increase of $223 million for the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), bringing that program to a proposed funding level of $1.1 billion. The United States Fire Administration (USFA) receives a modest increase of approximately $342,000 over Fiscal Year 2010.

    While the Administration's budget proposal is meant to serve as a guideline for federal spending, it is important to note that Congress will ultimately determine funding levels for these programs. The House and Senate Appropriations Committees will now begin work on crafting Fiscal Year 2011 spending bills. CFSI will continue to work with members of Congress on funding for these important programs and will continue to provide updates as the appropriations process moves forward.

    The Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Proposal can be obtained from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

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    This guy is getting out of hand entirely. He will end up channeling his funding where he always intended it to go.

    Am going to get on this right away. Thank You for keeping your eye out for us Brian.

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    Default to quote Rep. Joe Wilson "YOU LIE"

    Could have sworn he mentioned in his State of The Union that he wanted to create jobs and specifically mentioned police and fire.

    News Flaah: He's not the messiah, He’s just another empty suit.

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    That was Andy that time Jim. But I'm sure he's been called worse things...

    Somewhere around here was the link to the vote, other than the strictest "balanced budget" Republicans (31) it was a major landslide vote for the $1 billion into AFG. Too bad SAFER fizzled and will continue to fizzle, that was proposed at $1.2 billion. We need to make a united front and funnel $800 million off of that to put into FSC on a recurring basis. $400mil is more than enough for SAFER based on current app stats. It's doing more for R&R than the hiring side is doing for jobs. Few can make the match or continue past the POP. It was meant for hiring in rapid growth areas and nothing else. Contact the national orgs too, they tend to do their own thing unless the voices of the masses are heard.

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    What many people firefighters and congress both don't realize is that AFG is GREAT for the economy, especially at the local level. AFG give money to a wide range of fire departments across the county. Those fire departments use the money to by equipment or apparatus they need to do there jobs better. But what also happens is local fire departments bid for products from mostly local venders who hire local people as distributors, then the company that makes the products hires people. then the people the supply the raw materials hire people ( or keep from firing workers). The AFG is giving money to many small business and yes some major corporations to. As far and federal dollars go I my opinion it's some of the best money spend. Here is another way to look at it.

    My fire department is awards a $10,000 grant for turnouts.

    1) Fire department gets much needed PPE to stay safe. 6 firefighters protected
    2) We order if from a local vender ( he keeps workers or hire more) small business
    3) He orders it from the factory ( keeps workers in the many factories that make the products) This could effect 100's of people.
    4) Money goes to producers of the raw materials. Could be 100's more workers)

    What better way to spend money.

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    Hey lets send it overseas to be used for who know what.

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