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    Default Double Longtail Bowline

    Can anyone lead me to a video or other resourse on how to tie a double long tail bowline used in rescue situations?? Thanks.

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    here's a good picture of it tied and some key points with it:

    that doesn't tell you how to tie it but in reality it's just tying a regular bowline with a long tail but with 2 ropes simultaneously. Animated knots has a good description of the bowline and variations of it... The "snap" bowline is a pretty easy way to tie the double long tail bowline for me.

    There is also the interlocking long tail bowlines which is also common but different.

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    Twin interlocking longtailed bowlines work the same. They are also less confusing for the general masses. Tying the separately also allows you to be setting up things at different paces and not waiting for one line to catch up if that is the case.
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