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    Default Background Investigation: Come to me?

    I'm going through the hiring process for a city and have passed the video test, and the CPAT and am told the next step is the background investigation. When I called to ask when it would be scheduled for, the city HR person told me that the officer would contact me and set up a time when they could come see me. The city I'm testing with is a 15 hour drive, or 2 hour flight from where I currently live, but the HR person assured me to, "the best of my knowledge", that they would come to me for this step. Is this typical of most departments?

    Also, I originally called to ask if I could try to group the next steps, (background investigation, oral board interview, and medical exam), together on one trip, assuming I pass the prerequisites for each. Is this offer ever extended for long-distance applicants such as myself? I can sit here and tell you I'm not looking for any privileges and want to be treated as fair as the next guy, but with today's economy you can bet I'm trying to save a buck, and would hope that a future employer can understand that rationale.


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    Default Background

    As an ex-background investigator I can say that WE come to you and your present work place. I'm sure that it might save dollar's to do it in one trip...but they who through the exams are the ones who set the rules. They make it easier for themselves not you. Granted to would be cheaper for YOU to do it that way but those who do the hiring have their own system set up to run candidates through. I would not call them and request bunching your appointments together as it make you stand out. Just my personal observation and far be it for me to force you into doing something you are adamant about doing.
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    When I am on a interviewing panel, the last thing I want to see is someone calling every other day to see about this or that.
    Most career departments or the human relations departments have their unique schedule and therefore do not want to hear, that if I fly in from east arm pit Nevada, can I take every test, interview, medical testing, etc, in the time I am there for a day or two?

    The answer in no.

    Written testing usually is conducted in several days, depending on how many applicants. Usually we get upwards to 3000 to 5000 applications. The HR Department will go through and cut those out, who are not US Citizens, Have a drivers license, a high school education and a few other eliminators

    Now even if they invite 4000 to sit for the written exam, which can happen in one day. These written test must be scanned in and graded. Whatever they set the passing grade for, will cut out more folks who failed to make that cut off.

    Then they will invite the top 1000 or so to take the physical or CAPT testing. This is a pass or fail.

    Now, if you have passed all of these. Great. The HR Dept. will certify x numbers of applicants to the fire department for interviews. This may be 100 to 300 depending on how many jobs will be filled in the next two to three years.

    If then you get this far, the HR Dept and dept will begin the background, criminal, credit and other checks on the applicant. This may cut out 50 people. If you make it to the complete medical profile exam by the medical folks and you pass this, you may be given a offer for conditional employment and should you accept, you will be given the date to report to the training school.

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