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    Quote Originally Posted by FyredUp View Post
    There is absolutely no way for me to ask you this question with out sounding like a smart ***, so let me apologize up front.
    No apology needed friend.

    Why wouldn't you sit on your butt facing the wall and just use your boots to bust through the dry wall? I mean we are talking about drywall here. It has virtually no resistance to that kind of attack. Frankly, I find the method you describe as potentially painful, time consuming, and possibly damaging to the SCBA high pressure line.
    Well, for starters, it's not painful at all. Also, you don't hit with the whole tank, just the top portion until you bust out a hole. What if there is lathe and plaster behind the dry wall, isn't your back and tank sronger than your ankles? You run a higher chance of ankle injury than you do of back injury.

    But then again, if it owrks for you...more power to you Brother.
    It works brother, but only as an absolute last ditch effort, ya know.

    By the way if I lost my primary tool, my axe, I carry a pair of those channel lock rescue pliars in my bunker pant's pocket and I believe they would do seriously damage to dry wall in quite a hurry if need be.
    I always carried two pair of large wire cutters in mine, one in my jacket and one in my pants pocket, just in case I couldn't get to one of those pockets. They're good for that also, as well as cutting yourself free if a dropped ceiling falls on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrpita View Post
    Heck, if need be I know I can punch through drywall when the Flyers lose the Cup on a BS OT goal. If my life's on the line, and it's my last chance, I WILL get through.
    BS goal? Right between the pads and into the side of the net!!

    Crazy, but that's how it goes
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    To learn how to love, and forget how to hate

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