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    Default For those with training towers

    This is a question for those with a manufactured training tower.

    Can you tell me which brand you have and if you are experiencing any problems with it. We are getting a training tower. I will not mention the company we plan to go with for multiple reason but mainly because I do not want anyone to think I believe one is better than the other. I simply don't know and I am looking for your experience on this thread.

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    Our department has a Fire Facilities tower that was constructed in 1994. It is a Captain model and has served the department well. We had it inspected by one of their people a year or so ago and they figured we had at least 15+ years of service life in it without any major investments needed.

    I've also looked at their towers, both on line and in person, and think they have really improved them regarding materials and construction over what our department has.

    Let me know if you have any questions and good luck.
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    While we don't have a tower, our county fire chief's association has a Fire Facilities live-burn trailer. While it looks like a glorified cargo box, I'm rather impressed with it. The quality of build is good and it's put up with a lot of abuse.

    I will admit it's got some issues due to the abuse (people using pike poles to open hatches/windows and breaking the fiber panels, heating past the rated heat, etc), but that's nothing I'd put on the manufacturer of quality of build. Like I say, it's held up to a lot of that abuse quite well. Used within the constraints they establish, I don't doubt it'd last someone a LONG time.

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    We have one of these from Fire Facilities. Just now starting to start live burn evolutions in it, so we shall see how it holds up and performs.

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