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    Default How to pass an oral interview

    I have never been in an interview before. I was wondering what they do in an oral interview and the best way to pass it. Thanks in advance

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    The exam can have as many people from 2 (my case) to 5-6 people. Then you might have another chief interview directly after. The may ask things ranging from you as a person; good traits and your faults, job history, following orders (if your company officer told you to do this...... moraly would you?) Military history(if any). What they expect, they will dig into your past and bring it up. (not to take a dig on you but to see your reasoning why you did that), the type of mental security you have, if you can do the things they ask. They may ask you what do you know about THEIR fire dept (ISO rating....etc...) They will ask you alot but it is not too bad at all. I went through 2 of em and got hired at both.

    They want to see if you are consistant with your answers. DO NOT LIE, DO NOT TELL THEM WHAT U THINK THEY WANT TO HEAR. Be honest. ( I told my FD I am at now in my interview that I have a hell of an attitude for bs and that I cant stand it, I still got hired.


    Sit straight

    3-4 seconds in the eyes of everyone on the panel while you are talking.

    Take a note pad and have 6 boxes in a row, for the names of those on the panel.

    Talk confidently ( I was told by an old army LT.Colnel that if you don't know the answer of the question, Tell them that you don't know the answer as confidently as if you did know the answer.)

    Have a few non-generalized questions for them. (just in case they ask do you have any questions for us)

    Firm handshakes

    Yes Sir, no sir. Yes ma'am......

    Thank them for their time.

    Question for you to answer that they may ask you (I am pretty sure they will ask you this) WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU.

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladder-7 View Post
    Take a note pad and have 6 boxes in a row, for the names of those on the panel.
    This is a great idea. Before you do this though, be sure to call and ask what you are permitted to bring (if anything at all). Many depts forbid their candidates to bring anything other than their keys and ID.

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