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    I would say do not worry about ISO. Look into a truck that is capable of basic fire suppression and rescue response. A 750 GPM PTO front mount pump and 200 gallon tank with a 5 gallon foam cell and a small 30 GPM auxiliary pump with a 100 feet of trash hose on a real. The PTO pump is for draft supply and remote access pumping. The auxiliary pump is plumbed to the tank,it can handle small fires and be use to wash fuel from a MVA. The truck will be more rescue then fire suppression.

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    Looks like a nice, clean functional piece for one or two clearly defined purposes.

    Would work well for EMS. Figure 2 compartments, especially if you are running ALS.

    Would work well as a nice light rescue. Figure a full compartment for cribbing. Figure another compartment for basic extrication related hand tools. Figure another compartment, if not 2 for hydraulic tools. At this point I haven't even talked about struts, air bags and the cribbing required for a multi-vehicle or a large one-vehicle MVA, among other stuff.

    We are now up to 6 compartments filled, and we haven't figured in extinguishers, SCBA, firefighting hand tools and basic appliances for the pump operator.

    My point is simple. If you want to run this mini as a first out EMS and a very light rescue, with a larger rescue carrying the more specilaized equipment avaialble for larger incidents, it looks like a great rig . If you wanted to run this as a first out EMS unit and a light-duty first-in engine on smaller incidents or as a limited access vehicle with 2-3 SCBA a basic inventory of suppression tools, this would be a great piece. But IMO, and in my experience, I think trying to make a rig like this work for all 3 is just asking too much and would definatly push the GVW over the top.

    In all honesty, if you are looking for a EMS and light to mid-duty rescue, I would probably go with a simple box, with a center slide out tray, much like our light rescue and service trucks, which are on an F450 chassis. If interested shoot me your e-mail and I'll send you photos (as I have no idea how to post them here)
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