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    Default 5 Year old Alerts family of fire....

    From the Portland Press Herald.... Cool little story.



    A four-year-old who studied fire safety at his day care center a few weeks ago is credited with helping his family escape from a blaze in their basement apartment in Gorham this morning.

    Joseph Lamoin, who will be 5 later this month, woke to the smell and sight of smoke at 5 a.m. and did as he was taught. He crawled on his hands and knees, beneath the smoke to his mother’s room where he woke her and his four-year-old sister. The three crawled up the stairs of the house at 136 Day Road to where his grandmother was sleeping upstairs and everyone was able to get out of the home safely, said Gorham Fire Chief Robert Lefebvre.

    When firefighters arrived they found flames leaping from the basement windows, and spent the next 40 minutes bringing the fire under control. The apartment did have working smoke detectors that were sounding the alarm when police first arrived on the scene, he said.

    The basement apartment was badly damaged and the upstairs had smoke damage, Lefebvre said.

    The fire apartmently started with an aquarium heater, he said.

    The mother, Danielle Hicks, and her children are staying with relatives and the American Red Cross of Southern Maine is helping them replace necessities.

    “When they got outisde, they were all just wearing the clothes on their back and what they were sleeping in. They didn’t even have shoes on,” said Mike Mason, regional director of emergency services for the local Red Cross chapter.
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    A crusty jake in the making .... NICE GOING, Joseph.
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    I respect firefighters and emergency workers worldwide. Thank you for what you do.

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    Your title says 5 months, the article says 5 years. Just an FYI

    Otherwise, great story.

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    See, fire education does pay off.

    Stories like this make all the effort worth while. Great job little buddy!!
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