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    Default Violent Crime at Virginia College

    My daughter is a graduate of this school and lived within close proximity of this incident. It is upsetting to know that she could have been a victim of these monsters.


    JMU guard in trouble over snowball
    February, 9, 2010 Feb 97:59PM ETEmail Print Share By Eamonn BrennanHey, everyone. It's snowy out there. You might not have to go to work tomorrow. You might be interested in throwing some snowballs at your friends and family. Fun, right? Right. Just remember this one important lesson: Do not throw snowballs at cop cars. This will get you into trouble.

    Just ask James Madison walk-on guard Ryan Knight.

    From Jeff Eisenberg at The Dagger (by way of The Smoking Gun):

    Knight and fellow James Madison student Charles Gill, both 21, were both charged with throwing "missiles" at occupied vehicles, a felony that amazingly could send them both to prison for up to five years. (Even in a world where spork-wielding six-year-olds can be suspended from school, a tad excessive, no?)

    At about 5 p.m. on Saturday, police responded to a report that two men were throwing snow at the windshield of a city plow truck. When police arrived at the scene to search for the assailants, their unmarked squad car was also bombarded with icy projectiles.

    Ugh! But throwing snowballs at cars is so much fun! You're telling me I that before I throw my snowball, I have to consider the possibility that every car I see could be an unmarked cop car? That takes all the fun out of it! (Or, if you like to live dangerously, makes it all the more exciting. You rebel you.)

    Jokes aside, let's hope the judges in Harrisonburg, Va. can devise a punishment that more accurately fits the crime. Five years for a snowball is more than excessive. A little community service and one of those painful Saturday morning behavior awareness classes should get the job done here. Lesson learned -- by all of us.

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    In high school,I got kicked in the tackleberries for throwing eggs at a girl's Mom's car on Halloween.Is that excessive?I did offer to help clean the car but she saw through my slick idea to get close to her with a water hose.

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