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    Default Getting hired, and age.

    I am 19 years old, I have my FF II, Hazmat Ops, TRA, EMT-B, and all the NIMS required, along with a bunch of other training. I am working on my Fire Science degree, and will have that attained at the end of this fall. Also I start P-Medic in the fall. The one thing I don't get, is I have tried to test at 6 different fire departments, and all of them say that I can't, even if the list is a 2 year list. I just don't get why they won't let you test at all, I am doing it mostly so I will have the experience of it, so when I do test for real, I will know what to expect. Anyone have any comments or remarks on this topic?


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    I don't know about your area but what I have noticed here is most Fire Departments you have to be 21. Even with the list being good for 2 years if they choose to hire from it before then your not going to be old enough to be hired. (You having to be 21 years old is an insurance thing)

    So I would just keep doing what your doing training and learning. Possible get on an ambulance if your not already. Be ready to blow those test out of the water when they come around again.
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