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    Default 2010 New Hampshire State Entrance Written Test

    Bureau of Training and Certification
    State Entrance Testing


    The New Hampshire Fire Commission mandates entrance testing. It consists of three separate events, all of which have to be passed within 26 month period. Many departments actually look for candidates who have passed all three events. The three Entrance Testing events include:

    Written Exam: This exam is selected from one of several written test companies. There are many types and styles to written exams, therefore please read the application carefully in order to determine the type offered. Some exams come with test preparation manuals that should or must be read to give the candidate the best chance to obtain a passing grade. The exam is not based on firefighting skills or knowledge.

    Acrophobia Test: This portion of the test is administered by the hiring fire department and is not included in the State Entrance Test. The Acrophobia Test is assessed by climbing (on belay) a 100-foot aerial, set between 65-75 degrees. The candidate must climb up and down the aerial without stopping for more than a total of 30 seconds.

    Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT): This test is held on a separate date and is scheduled to take place at the Laconia Ice Arena on Rte 107 in Laconia for the 2010 State Entrance Test. There are two guides that provide the candidate information on how to physically prepare for the event. The guides are CPAT Orientation Guide and the CPAT Preparation Guide. Both of these can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Those who have passed a previous NH State Entrance Written Test through NH FST&EMS or have the highest level of NH Certification (currently C2F2) do not need to take the written portion of the State Entrance Exam. The previous test or certification level qualifies for a passing State Entrance Written Test grade.

    The application process starts with advertisement in nine newspapers that cover all of New Hampshire and parts of Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine.

    The application process has two parts: An application page with payment to send in; and a physician release statement that also must be returned to the NH Fire Academy. Each has a posted deadline that must be adhered to in order for us to plan and schedule the event.

    Application window is OPEN for 2010!

    Below is a list containing all the documents needed to successfully understand and apply for the State Entrance Test.
    2010 Entrance Test Application Packet - Deadline March 5, 2010


    Go to the web page above for the links below

    2010 Test Preperation Manual Order Form

    CPAT Orientation Guide

    CPAT Preparation Guide

    Frequently Asked Questions about State Entrance Testing.

    Please refer to the Documents & Forms section of this Web site for a complete listing of all publications.

    Assistant Chief Brent Collins, Cleveland Fire Dept.
    Firehouse.com Entry Level Contributor Author since 2002

    More Career articles by Chief Collins can be found at the link below
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