The little town of Henrieville is set in the rolling desert and red cliffs 15 miles east of Bryce Canyon. The residents are used to fending for themselves as they've done for 132 years. At 6,000 ft, the climate can be wildly variable from blistering dry summers to vicious blizzards that drift the roads closed and knock out the power. Just such a storm took out more than the power on January 29th when drifts built up on the fire station roof caused it to collapse, destroying the building and the fire equipment inside. According to town officials, the building was insured but not the contents.

With a miniscule tax base, there is no way for the town to acquire new fire apparatus or replace the other town equipment damaged or destroyed in the collapse without outside help. They will seek state and federal grants but are also looking at the possibility that at least some of what they need can be replaced with good used donated items or apparatus.

Contact Fire Chief Kirby Martin if you can help at