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    Default Question about degree

    I am currently beginning my AAS in Fire Science degree with Kaplan. I am currently Active Duty Army as a Chaplain Asst. though for 6 years prior I was an Air Force medic, a Navy Corpsman and an Army Medic (yes I served in all 3). I was an EMT-B for roughly 5 years, with PHTLS cert. I was an ER Tech and ICU Tech during that time as well and a lifeguard in highschool. I let EMT cert exp a couple years ago and know I will have to get it back. How will this background and the degree help me in gettin a paid position on a dept. I am goin back to michigan in a couple years. And seems like back there most are volunteer or becoming volunteer. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your military experience will be looked upon very favorably. Military men and women makes very good transitions to the fire service since they are pretty parallel worlds. You are correct when you say that you will want to get you EMT again, it makes you much more marketable.
    You may want to focus on settling in an area where there are more paid fire departments as it simply gives you more opportunities to test. Good luck, thanks for serving our country and stay safe!
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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