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    Question EMT-B courses in DC/Maryland/Virginia?

    I'm in my last semester of college as a business student, but I've decided that what I really want to do is be a paramedic. I completed a CPR/AED for the professional rescuer course at the Red Cross. I'd like to start working on my EMT-B now, but I have had little luck finding certification courses offered in or near DC. Does anyone have information on where I could take the course? Are there any that are just offered nights and/or weekends? Any information or advice on how I can get a further move on this career would be greatly appreciated!

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    In Maryland, courses are offered through MFRI. They are taught at several places around the state and mostly at night, although there are a few classes offered during the day. They are free, but you must be a member of a volunteer fire department in Maryland. Details at www.mfri.org.

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    Check with Northern Virginia Community College.


    Third paragraph down.

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