I'm just wanting to know if I'm on the right track so far in terms of getting a shot for this summer or next year starting out.

I'm presently working on obtaining my EMT-B, hoping that sometime in early May I can take my NREMT test here in Arkansas. (Closest spots to take it I think are Springfield, Mo, Little Rock, Ar, and Memphis, Tn, but that's off topic)

As of now, I've got about 30 some odd credit hours in college, was working at one point towards a degree towards a Law Enforcement Admin degree, but had gotten a burn out mostly due to outside pressure to pursue something I wasn't for sure I wanted.

As it stands now, I want to find a job out west, around Northern California or southern Oregon specifically, and was planing on trying to find a job with the NREMT certification, maybe at a hospital if I can't get on with one of the seasonal fire fighting jobs I've applied for. (BLM, USFS and Park Service come to mind off hand from what I've found on USAjobs.gov)

My current standing now is, so far, a Red Cross certification in CPR and hopefully a EMT-B cert here soon. I never was able to get onto a volunteer service because I lived too far away from the areas with one, and I would like to continue my education to help with said objectives. I don't have much under my belt, but willing to try and would like to continue a lot of it out west.

That's it in a nutshell, off the top of my head anyways. Any input from some of the experienced out there to help out a wanna-be-probie? I've gotten some idea of what looks good class wise, just like seeing where else I can look at.

And if there are more wildfire job postings outside of usajobs.gov and that Avue (SP?) service that is very confusing at first.

Thanks in advance!