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    Frank: Partisanship is out of control in Congress
    Feb 16 03:20 PM US/Eastern
    Associated Press Writer
    AMHERST, Mass. (AP) - Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank says Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh is right that Capitol Hill's partisanship is getting out of control.
    But Frank says his fellow Democrat could do more to change that by staying in Congress and helping change the filibuster rule than by stepping out of public service.

    Frank made his comments Tuesday at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where he signed copies of his biography with author Stuart Weisberg.

    Bayh, an Indiana Democrat, has decided not to seek re-election this fall. He says partisan politics and gridlock have dominated Congress, a feeling that Frank says he shares.

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    Ol Barney (##tt ##ck) Frank has been one of the politicians instrumental in making it such a partisan organization. I agree, if he wants to resolve problem, leave, because "HE IS THE PROBLEM”

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    It seems that sometime after Reagan it started to get more and more like red vs blue rather than what is right for the country. At least that is when it got really bad.

    What is funny is the democrats shut the republicans out of everything until they lost the super majority, now all of a sudden they are recognizing their existence. Of course it helps that the people are telling the democrats there direction is no better than the republicans. Wouldn't it be nice if both parties would do the right things for once.

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    Funny how the ideologues n either side only blame the other side for the partisan nonsense - but can't look in the mirror and cast any blame on their own party or themselves.

    Barney Frank has 2 challengers this year. Lots of new Republicans popping up here in Massachusetts that ought to give the entrenched one-party state a bit of a scare this year.
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