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    Default Appropriateness of threads

    Just checking to see what is and is not appropriate to request or discuss in these threads. I'm new to posting in these forums and don't want to rock the boat or step on any fingers.

    I was a peer reviewer for the 2010 SAFER grant, and yes, it has completed the peer review process. We can't discuss any grants with anyone. But I think I can answer general questions about the process and how to score better next time.

    I would be happy to answer some of the basic questions though, and I can assure you that I certainly have a better understanding of what to write.

    If you have others on the forum that are much more knowledgeable about grants, then please forward your questions to them instead. I just thought I might throw my 2 cents in.

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    Won't be stepping on any fingers or toes, and anything is game in here minus what will get you booted for offensiveness in any forum, but you probably don't want to go too far into disclosing what to write, not to write etc since you signed said disclosure in going to review and only learned it as such. Especially since you posted all that in one shot, most folks that go to Peer and answer things don't mention that they did. DHS monitors the forums for things that shouldn't be leaking out from certain sources.

    Otherwise when someone asks a questions anywhere chime on in and throw some advice out, many of us have been here since the Grants thread was a part of the Firefighters Forums back in 2001-2. Us old-timers like it when new blood comes in to answer questions.

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