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    Default Homeschooler - how can I begin to prepare for a career....

    I'm just in the beginning stages of learning about what it takes to become a firefighter in Colorado /Denver/Boulder Area.

    Actually I have a 14yr old- 8th/9th grader. This is a unique situation - we homeschool part time/attend public school part time. Athletic, great health, Great grades, can graduate early etc.

    In the homeschool/high school world things are very different than traditional school. A homeschooler can create the type of education suited for what career they want to go into. He can start taking college classes as soon as next year at some schools and I'm just looking for ideas on how to better his chances of a career as a fire fighter or something else in emergency management or the like. I know he has alot of time still, but we want to optimize on the flexibility of homeschooling.

    Aside from his EMT what other things can you all suggest? If you could go back in time and knew you would go into this career, and had that flexibility what would you do?

    I'm not interested in hearing from people about their negative opinions about homeschooling - we've got all our bases covered - from socializing to competitive sports to proper academics.

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