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    I am wondering what is between your seats, the Drivers and the Captains that is? Obviously the cab over style apparatus you have the engine shroud, what I am looking for is the conventional cab style.

    When I started in the fire service we had everything from a wooden box, milk cartons hose clamped together and even a cardboard box that was between the seats to store all the odds and ends that seem to collect in the cabs. Preplan books, rubber glove boxes, headsets for the pump operator, you name it would be piled up in such a way that you could not easily get at anything. After a few changes in “Upper Management” I was able to convince the chief that the dangers of not having everything stored in the proper place, as well as we now have a few more expensive pieces of equipment that has to be stowed properly such as TICs and Gas Detectors.

    I have built a couple of consoles now and have had great feedback from everyone, but like every project there are always improvements. The costs of what I have built have come in a lot cheaper than what the manufactures prices for what we wanted. One builder just gave us a metal box with a lid. It really wasn’t what we were wanting so I changed it, see the pictures, the red one.

    My consoles have both 110 VAC and 12VDC wiring for the chargers of out TICs, Flashlights, Gas Detectors, all wire connections are in their own “electrical cabinet” that has positive air pressure on it to ensure cooling of the power converters when the truck is sitting in the hall. I have included 12VDC power plugs for laptops, dash lights, and the green flasher we use for command, if that specific truck is the command post.

    I have a couple of more trucks that will be hitting the floor in the near future that I will be building consoles for, what options would you like to see?
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