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    Default Pinkerton Government Services

    Anyone have any information on working as a Firefighter/Paramedic for Pinkerton? I can't seem to find much information on them. I was wondering if they are the guys that provide firefighters on US Military bases? I had talked with a few guys at Fort Jackson where my brother was in basic, and they enjoyed working for whatever company it was they worked for I thought.

    Thanks for any info!

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    Cool Pinkerton

    I know of 4 FFs that currently work for my Department that worked for Pinkerton in So. California and really didn't enjoy it. They said that it was way too much prevention related duties than what they wanted. My .02 is that no matter who you work for, it's what you put into it that will dictate what you will get outta it.

    It may work for you..... Or it may not..... Remember, you're basically working for a Fire Brigade.
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