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    Default Outlook and a 24 hour schedule

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to use outlook. I currently work on an ambulance 24 hrs on and 48 hrs off. I can get Outlook to have my days in and repeat, but I have a problem. I can either put it in from 7a - 7a, 24 hrs. The problem is, since the days are based on midnight - midnight, it shows up on 2 days and clutters my calendar. I could also put it in as an all day event, but then it doesn't show up on my Blackberry when I sync. Anyone have any ideas on how to make this work a bit better?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I had a similar issue but I went with the All Day scenario.

    I have a suggestion.

    Make the end time the same as the start time. When the shift begins at 0700 have it say "Start 24" and on the next day at 0700 have it say "End 24" or words to that effect.
    Frank Raffa
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    I use Outlook as my primary scheduling calendar on the 24/48 and find that I just put "On Duty" and check "All day event". Seems odd it won't sync with a Blackberry , it works on Itouch/Iphone. maybe put 0700 (or your start time) until 2355 hrs?

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    I have mine set up with ABC shifts. It syncs on the Blackberry just fine. Mine are set up as all day events. They do not show up in the main screen events, but they are on the calendar if you open the calendar on the Blackberry. Don't forget too, that Outlook has a unchecked box that will allow you to display all federal holidays too.
    Jason Brooks
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