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    Default Becoming a First Responder in Alabama

    My current age is 15 (soon to be 16) and i was curious, what is the minimum age requirment to become a Certified First Responder? their is a local group of Firefighters/Emt's located in Killen, AL that gives the First Responder Class & test, so i was hoping that i would be able to take the course at my age (we have a shortage of responders in my area, and the nearest hospital has a extended ETA) Thanks in advance -Cody

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    Doubtful if you can test. Depending on state regs...

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    I do not know exacts for your state but I have never heard of a state having an age lower than 16. My advice would be to call "The Group" assuming a volly dept. and just ask, hope this helps.

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