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    Question Prefererence for disabling Hybrid vehicle

    I am taking an informal poll on your preference for method to disable high voltage on hybrid vehicles after a crash.

    Before attempting to rescue occupants of a crashed hybrid vehicle, it is important to make sure that the high voltage has been isolated to the battery pack. This prevents the possibility of high voltage electrical shock.

    If you check the first responder guides provided by various automotive manufacturers, you see different methods for disabling high voltage.

    The following 3 examples are excerpts from first responder guides found on http://www.extrication.com/ERG.htm, in the sections which assume that the ignition key is not accessible...

    Toyota 2004 Prius' method is to remove the HEV fuse in the engine compartment junction block.

    Ford 2010 Escape's method is to disconnect the negative cable from the 12V battery and remove the service disconnect if possible.

    Cadillac Escalade's method is to cut all three exposed 12v positive cables identified
    by labels that indicate where to cut.

    Of these three methods, which is your preference and why?
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    I follow whatever method the manufacturer says to use. The reason being that one method does not fit all. Some do not have an easily accessable fuse, some have the cables under shielding to prevent damage some do nat have an easy access disconnect.
    Basically the best solution is to go with what the makers tell you. They know the systems best.

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