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    Default Retiree's and uniforms

    My department (all career, formed 1984) does not have a policy regarding uniforms and retiree's. They are also not given a "retired" badge but they are considering issuing a retired FD ID. Since we are now 25 years old as a department, retiree issues are coming up more and more. Retirees would like to wear uniforms at FD events, funerals, parades but understand they can not be confused with current personnel. What does other departments do? Suggestions? Policies?

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    I believe that you can or the city can get a "rocker" that goes above or below the department shoulder patch saying "RETIRED" and sew that on the uniform. Also as a good gesture they can have a badge saying Retired on it as well and give that to the member to wear on the uniforms.

    A guideline of wearing the uniform would be to funerals and functions like that. Not to wear to ride the bus for free!!

    The DCFD had a uniform similar to what I described for their retirees.
    This may help. http://www.washingtonemeralds.org/RFALITE.htm

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    Jonnee summed it up really well. It would be wise to establish a wear of the uniform policy for retirees (and current members). Make it cut and dry because you never know what someone will try to do to get something for free. A few years back there was a local guy (active firefighter) that would put on his uniform and even get a radio or scanner to carry in his holster so he could get into amusement parks and events for free.

    At the minimum, consider collecting the retiree's active badge and encasing it in Lucite or the such. Unfortunately, lots of liability these days with people running around with badges.

    And most badges should be able to have a small "RETIRED" scroll soldered on to them relatively cheap and quick. Same with the add-on patch that says retired. Your dept could even make this part of the retirement ceremony by presenting them with these items back and modified.

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