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    Default 1 3/4" hose brands

    We are looking at purchasing some 1 3/4" hose and was wondering what brands are being used and what kind of service you are getting out of them. We have a mixture of Ponn Conquest, very expensive, Ponn Supreme, the outer jacket stretches and forms excessive wrinkles in the hose when not in use and Fire quip 800 which seems to be getting more bulky each time we purchase it. We are just looking for a good low bulk hose that will last awhile and have good flow rates. We are flowing 165 gpm at 150 pdp thru 200 ' lines. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Only brand of hose with a long term warranty (they stand behind their stuff) on entire product line is ATI with 10years.

    We're happy with the 1-3/4" ATI that we have. A lot of their 5" in that area that is doing good.

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