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    Hey guys,
    I'm currently an EMT-B and i'm trying to decide which step to take next. I can start my EMT-P class this June ending next June, and its 1 day a week, saturday, from 9am-9PM (long I know but frees up a lot of time). Then I could take my fire academy this fall...but that would mean my schedule would be

    M-F Academy 8am-5pm
    Sat- Paramedic course 9am-9pm

    Would that be an overload do you think? I kinda feel like I would be able to do it, but just looking for any opinions from people who have completed them already.

    Otherwise, I have to decide between taking my academy this fall and THEN starting my EMT-P course, or starting my EMT-P this summer and not doing the academy until Fall 2011.
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    I know some guys who have done both plus the rigors of a full time job working the midnight shift. Cowboy up and get it done. If there is a will, there is a way

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    If you're going to do that route, make sure you're a strong student and you have good study skills. If you can get the academy books a couple months ahead of time, I"d read through them a few times so you're not learning everything from scratch. Even with just the academy, most of our guys get done with the official training around 5, study until 8 or 9 and then get some sleep before they were up at 5 again the next day. We averaged at least one chapter test each day, plus lecture, plus practicals and the PT session.

    And obviously, medic school is a LOT of information. How much EMT-B experience do you have? Usually, you'll do a lot better in medic school if you've been a strong EMT-B for a bit. But there are always exceptions to that.

    Good luck!

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    I love fire more than ems. That said, you need to do one or the other IMHO. You run the risk of being burned out. Medic school is not that easy. You also need to take the time to be a GOOD medic. You may pass the class, but will you be the best when that patient needs you?

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