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    Default Kris from Minnesota


    Just thought I'd join this forum to ask some questions.

    I have a son who is just wrapping up his first year in college and he has decided he does not want to go back.

    He is just wanting to go get a job, yet I think he should explore other career fields that don't necessarily require 4 year college degree.

    That said, I've suggested that perhaps he should check out a career in Fire / Rescue or EMS. Of course there is still training and schooling required but it would be more hands on work relevant to the career vs. being book deep in various classes that he'll never use again in his life.

    Myself, I am a basic emt of almost 20years. Been on mostly rural volunteer services and have found it very fulfilling.

    Just wanted to say Hi and looking for folks who would be willing to share their thoughts/perspectives on young persons quest to pursue a career in this field?

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    You don't indicate where you are located. Firefighter jobs are getting scared, as a lot of city's, county's are having their budget cut and the fire department are one of the departments that suffer. Having to cut the members or close some companies is very painful not to say that the citizens suffer the most.

    There are some areas in the US that have "fire training academies", that individuals can attend something like college and if they pass all the courses and are certified, this helps them getting hired by department which require a certification up front. Not saying he would walk right in the front door and start riding the truck, but the certifications would help him in the process of being hired.

    Over here in the Mid-Atlantic area, Virginia, Maryland, DC, we don't care what certifications one may have. You have to complete the application process, take the entrance exam, with maybe 5000 or so taking the exam, and if your score high enough then you take the physical, practical testing which is a pass or fail. This is usually the top 500. Depending on how you end up with a ranking you may receive an invitation for an interview and should you get by that, a complete medical physical is done, along with a criminal, work, and credit back ground check and all must be clean as a pin before the department will offer the applicant a job as a conditional employee.

    If this happens then the employees now must endure the next 20 to 30 weeks of the local firefighter academy and pass all the written, as well as practical exams given and should they graduate, they are assigned as a probationary firefighter to a busy fire company for one year. At the end of that first year, they have to pass a final probationary exam on everything that they have had or suppose to learn in their first year.

    Sounds simple or what he is looking for? My advice stay in college if he is in there now get that education and then apply for a job on a department.

    Good luck!
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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    Understand that many career departments want candidates that have fire college or military experience. Just stepping into a career department can require insider knowledge. Neoptism comes to mind. Getting on a suburban combination department is advantageous too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptOldTimer View Post
    You don't indicate where you are located.
    I'm guessing off of the thread title that Kris is from Minnesota Kris both my colleagues are correct. I would check around the local paid/combination fire departments and local EMS services that have full time employ and get an idea of what their educational requirements are. Local government based fire/rescue and EMS used to be a safe bet, however even if they are hiring with the current economy, job security may be an issue. If it's something that he is interested in that you think he'd excel with, than I would tell you to do some research locally and exhaust all options. I hope this helped out somewhat, and best of luck to you and your son.
    Matt G.
    Battalion Chief

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