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    Default UK Firefigter visiting NY advice required


    Greetings from a uk Firefighter looking forward to visiting New York in April 2010.

    The purpose of the trip is to celebrate Wife's 40th Birthday and I would be grateful for any advice on the following.

    We are arriving on 29th April in Brooklyn Docks and I,m trying to sort out a transfer from the Ship to our Hotel in Downtown Manhattan 44th Street, my idea is to surprise my wife by arranging a special vehicle to do this instead of a taxi I was wondering if anyone there has a Fire Tender to do the trip, I know its a long shot but hey, you never know.

    I will be coming to the US with some t shirts and stuff to swap, what is the nearest Station to UN Plaza 44th Street? how can i get in touch to arrange a visit?

    Hope someone can help.



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    The nearest firehouse to the UN is engine 21. You can get the address to all of the houses here: http://www.fdnewyork.com/manhatta.asp

    If you want to call them I suggest calling the manhattan dispatcher, then ask to be transfered to the firehouse of your choice. 212 570 4200.

    As for transportation from the docks, I don't know what to tell you there. Hire a 40 foot stretch limo with a wet bar. That's pretty impressive.
    Frank Raffa
    Supv. Dispatcher, FDNY
    Borough of Brooklyn

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