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    Default Advice on my next move please..

    Hopefully I'll get the chance
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    For your health and life in general, quit smoking. It will probably help you last longer on air and you'll live longer (there's always the exceptions, but it's usually true).

    Depending on when the D&D arrest was and the dept you're applying with, it may or may not be a problem. Whatever the case, be honest and up front with it. Same with the leg injury. I'd start getting your medical records now b/c they will need to see them in detail.

    As I'm sure you've probalby gathered from reading these forums, hiring kind of sucks right now. The economy has made it tough on FDs across the nation. Different areas will have different hiring requirements. I'd start looking for depts in areas you'd like to work and find out how they train their new recruits. If they do all the basic academy stuff regardless of your certs, I'd consider concentrating more on taking fire science degrees. If they require you to have your FF 1/2 and EMT/Paramedic, then that's a long road you'll have to journey before you can apply.

    FDNY, Florida and Southern California are extremely competitive with hundreds or thousands of applicants for each opening. You might want to steer clear of them at least initially. Look for small to mid-size depts in your area that are planning on building a new station in the next year or two. They'll probably need 9-15 new guys to staff it. The problem with a large metro dept is that "everyone wants to work there" so again, lots of applicants for few new jobs.

    Good luck!

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    In Florida, state law i think, that you have to be a non-user of tobacco for one(1) year prior to being hired. It is tuff to get hired down here to ... just to confirm.

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