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    Default Not to rehash it again but, ashtma history question

    I have a history of "extremely mild-intermittent asthma" as my doctor and the pulmonary specialist I saw put it. I've never been hospitalized for it, never had a full blown asthma attack, just always been prescribed an inhaler (i use it maybe a handful of times throughout the year when sick NOT exercise related).

    I'm armed with a Pulmonary Function Test with a good score, letters saying i'm fit for duty from my Pulmonary doctor and family doctor, and clearing me for respiratory use. Is that good enough, should I be okay? Or will departments still throw a fit come time for me to find a job. Just curious if anyone has any input.

    Just curious...I don't want to invest the money in an academy if my chances of ever finding employment are slim to nil due to this (I know jobs are hard to get either way). The director at my CC's program said it wouldn't be a big deal since its not really bad, and that they've had asthmatics in the course before.
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    Cool I was born with...

    I have a heart condition that I was certain was an automatic disqualifier.
    I went to one of the best cardiologists around and asked her. She did a bunch of crazy tests, then laughed. "You have the 2nd best results I have ever seen, and the #1 guy was cheating (leaning on the treadmill). So she wrote it all up (supranormal cardiovascular fitness level told me I was fine, etc.
    When I had my official LEOFF physical, the doc says " Wow! She has a lot of letters behind her name" and said I passed with flying colors.
    Moral of the story-------See the best specialists now, and either go full speed ahead, or if Doc says "no" find a non-combat or different profession...

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    The director at program CC, to you has absolutely correctly told. I advise to you to invest money in economy.
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    I have asthma too and its the same way as yours. All the instructors at the academy asked was to see a doctor and make sure im cleared for duty. Ive never had a issue. Most depts wont be too pushy about it as long as a doctor says you can do the job. I keep my inhaler on my gear rack and carry it on the truck whenever we get toned out.

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