Hello! I am a management consultant based in Muncie, Indiana, and am currently conducting some research on FDs and fire services. I would greatly appreciate any response and/sources to the questions below:

1. Can city FDs bill insurance for fire services? Please explain if possible. Within Indiana Code (IC), I know volunteer FDs can "bill" or "turn-in" claims for fire services, but I am not sure about non-volunteer FDs.

2. We have a client (city) who would like to "merge" with a near-by township FD - creating a fire territory. The city would like to turn-over operations to the township for all fire services within the territory. As a result, I assume, the city would pay the township for such services including overall management. What should the City pay? Any guidelines around this issue?

3. What is the optimal level of firefighters to sq.?

Again, I greatly appreciate any assistance!