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    Default Free Wildland Gear

    We have a couple dozen sets of used but servicable wildland gear we'd like to offer to a department who could use it. The sets (pants and jacket) are mostly Indura cotton, but there are a few NOMEX sets as well. There is a variety of sizes. I don't want to break up the sets, preferring to just let one department have it all. The only thing I ask is that we be re-imbursed for shipping after you receive the gear.

    Ideally these would go to a department with limited funding sources.

    Please contact me with a PM if you are interested.

    Thanks for the interest. The gear is no longer avaiable.
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    Nice gesture

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    What sizes are the pants and shirts? Depending on the sizes I may be able to take them off your hands.

    Should have finished reading the whole post and just sent a pm.
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    Me too and I am computer illiterate and the PM function does not seem to be working for me.
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    I have a number of departments in southern Missouri that have budgets of 6k or less a year - to run their entire department. Fuel, Insurance, maintenance, etc. Cover between 80 to 200 square miles.

    They would kill to get real brush gear. If you donated to us, we would take them all, then distribute to these departments.


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