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    Talking Modification to facilities/ green crooks

    I was under the impression that there is a $10,000 dollar limit on those applications. Do I have it wrong? Since our earthquake on Dec16th, certain damages are beginning to show up. We have large cracks in our walls and it knocked out half of our lighting.

    As I seem to have my wires crossed, feel rereading the PG again may further confuse me at the moment. (maybe because I didn't pay attention.)

    Also I would love to see any successful narratives of modifications to facilities.

    If its not one thing its another. Maybe I better try a 'green' approach before the climategate crooks end up going to jail for bilking the country out of trillions of dollars, and ruining the flood to fund green applicaitons.

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    The only way to modify the facility under the $10,000 cap is for something that would be related to an operations project.

    Example: You want to run plumbing to a gear washer, electrical service to a compressor, build a small closet to house either of those two, etc.

    Absolutely no construction to a foundation.

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    from the 2009 program guidance:
    Eligible projects under this activity must have a direct effect on the health and safety of firefighters. Therefore, eligible activities focus on improving firefighter safety in fire stations and other facilities.
    We will NOT fund any requests for modifications other than the initiatives listed below:
    1) Installation of sprinkler systems;
    2) Installation of smoke and fire alarm notification systems;
    3) Installation of vehicle exhaust evacuation systems;
    4) Installation of vehicle mounted exhaust filtration systems;
    5) Installation of air improvement systems; and/or
    6) Installation of emergency power generators.
    No new construction, cannot change the footprint of the building. Disaster recovery (cracks from an earthquake) and lighting aren't mentioned, but based on the list above, would be low priority.
    The "Green" intiative was for Station Construction Grants. While AFG program guidance mentions "National Environmental Policy Act; National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, National Flood Insurance Program regulations; and, any other applicable laws and Executive Orders," Cap and Trade and other Green things aren't mentioned.
    Believed by many to be the best-administered homeland security grant in the country, the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program provides an accessible competitive opportunity for fire departments and non-affiliated EMS agencies across the US to get funding for a wide range of operations and safety, vehicles, and regional communications projects.

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    Yeah, what I thought. I was checking past awardees and noticed some high dollars for modification to facilities. Thought maybe I missed something. Green initiatives are still going to impress some who still hold onto the issue of global warming cause by mankind. We need to prosecute those who perpetuated this hoax, falsified data and are making millions from this crime. Trillions of dollars are at stake.
    Sorry for the rant.

    (No I'm not)
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    Jim the large awards for stn mods have generally been multi bay exhaust systems. Say 8 bays two trucks deep.
    I know of one that was over 200k near us.

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