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    Default Question: How does an American with FF1/FF2/NREMT-B certs find work in the UK?

    So here goes...

    I am currently an unemployed, still searching for work FF1/FF2/NR EMT-B. I have applied to many different places and have the ball rolling to possibly attain a position somewhere within the continental U.S.

    Assuming I find a job; What will be required of me if I go to the UK and try to find work there? I have seen some guys on this board that have mentioned exchanging, but nothing that really addresses my particular question. Assuming I don't find a job here, will my situation be any different? Must I start from scratch? I've tried to find resources that cater to this situation but am having some difficulty. Maybe I'm using the wrong key-words in my searches.

    Are there any resources that show job availability? Perhaps a Firehouse.co.uk type of website like this one? Does anyone here have any knowledge of how things work over there?

    For example, one of the things I'm pretty sure I need to figure out is how the fire service is geographically divided within the UK. Here, one can find a job as a wildland firefighter working for the U.S Deparment of the Interior/Agriculture etc in many states, or work on the county level, and even smaller on the city level. I know I'm bordering on asking for a geography lesson with this question, so I do apologize for my ignorance.

    I also figure that I would need to gain citizenship before I can even think about applying for any position?

    Help anyone can offer with this would be super-useful to me at this point. I know I have loads of researching to do. Lifetime learners! Right?

    Thank you.


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    Default Working in the UK

    Hi Michael,

    If you have a look at this link below it should help you out, the brigades/services work on the county system (West Sussex) or on the metropolis system such as the London fire Brigade ( LFB ) there are two types of fire fighter, Full time and retained.
    Full time like Career, the retained have normal day to day jobs and turn out on the pager going off, some cover 24 hour- turn out anytime, others on 3/4 cover and some on 48 hour per week. pay per hour is 11 to 12 pounds per hour on turn out, there is a yearly retainer around 3000.
    There are the airports to look at and some private services for events and industry. I hope this helps.

    http://www.fireservice.co.uk/recruit...ecbrigades.php then look at the FAQs


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