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    Default engine gear

    do you have any recommendations on web gear for a structural engine sent to WUI deployments

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    Hmmm, Well Depends. I LOVE Wolfpack gear, They are Amazing, customer service impeccable, and Lifetime warranty, no questions asked. True North is good too, I would talk to the Supply Cache Outa Colorado and talk to them about there pack Demo program, get some and try them out.
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    my only thought on web gear for Type 1 engine crews would be something light and easy to get in and out of the truck with (just enough for short term needs (water, fire shelter, first aid, etc)) and the bulk of your gear in a travel bag in the truck (extra clothes, camping gear, etc) Something like True Norths Spider harness maybe ( having to drop your harness every time you get back in the truck sucks)
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    One thing I like when on a Urban Interface tour is the Incident Command vest. It allows you to carry essentials and the shelter without the cumbersome pack on your back when you have to get in and out of the engine.

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