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    Default Equipment Auction

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the Barrington Fire Company is in the process of cleaning house and we have tons of used equipment that we are auctioning off on www.govdeals.com. Most stuff can be picked up at the station but we will ship it at the winners expense. Also for those fire departments out there that are in really really tough times (ie: fire departments in south america), we have been working on donating some ppe and other vital equipment to you. So please check it out, as we are adding stuff every day.

    Some of the Items:

    Circul-Air Hose/Gear Dryer
    Custom Built Vehicle Extrication Tool Cart
    Humat Valves
    and more...

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    Please, before shipping to South America, please consider donating to department in the southern US.

    Lots of departments in the US are still operating on 6k a year budgets, covering hundreds of square miles. If you need departments information please let us know.

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    Default Used Equipment

    Same for this part of the country. There are many needy FD's in the states that need equipment, too.

    Email me at buck007hunter@yahoo.com if you have equipment to dispose of.

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    Please send me a pm if you are a department in need of donations. As for the rest of the equipment. . . the sales are still going on at www.govdeals.com. Reference Barrington Fire Company, NJ

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    Default Used equipment

    Our dept. is very small in North West Arkansas. We have a very small budget and could use any help. If you have Used equipment please email me at Jeepn_mike@yahoo.com


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    Default We're needy

    For some reason it won't let me send you a private message.Our budget is less than 6k, and there are some things that we need, scba's...
    My e-mail address is

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