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Thread: Contacts?

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    Question Contacts?

    Hi all, just wondering how everyone deals with wearing contacts on the job. Any problems with them, or just always carry some eye drops? Thanks for your input!

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    I know a few people that wear contacts. Most keep a pair of glasses nearby for the middle of the night EMS run and then just use drops as needed. However, one guy is blind as a bat without his and he doesn't have inserts on his face piece(!), so if we get toned out while sleeping, he has to put in his contacts quickly.

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    I have ones that can be slept in. Comes in real handy and no scramble at 2am.

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    no problems here. i to wear the kind you can sleep in. takes a little whilie to get acustomed to sleeping in them. only problem i have ever hadd is after a few fires they can get hazed and dirty. cleaning them dosen't do anything, just throw em away.

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    Sleeping in contacts once out of 3 days isn't going to hurt your eyes. I am lazy and sleep in mine about every night. Just make sure to change them out more often to help prevent eye infection.

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    I've been using extended-wear disposable contacts for about 10 years now. Absolutely no problems with them on the job other than a little bit of "sticky eye" sometimes for overnight calls, but that goes away after a couple of minutes.

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    I wear weekly wear contacts that can be worn for a week straight then thrown out. I usually give my eyes 24 hours to rest before putting in a new pair. If they get dirty or hazy for whatever reason i'll throw the pair im wearing away and grab a new pair. I also carry a backup pair of glasses with me in my truck bag just in case

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    I was a successful contact wearer for 12+ years, 3 of those as a vol FF. I never had any issues wearing them through the night on shift, just a little sticky and hazy for those 3am calls.

    I would make sure you have day and night prescribed for sure and make sure to tell your eye doc what you intend on using them for.

    Also, make sure and be diligent about cleaning them and changing em out when you are supposed to. I didn't and would wear them until they started to bug me and then would change them, and now my eyes won't tolerate them anymore.

    I ended up getting LASIK to avoid glasses and the inserts.

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