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    Default ISO Audit Question

    I am with a small, rural VFD. We currently have an ISO 9 rating, and would like to improve to at least an 8.

    By ISO definitions, we have a single engine-service company, with no ladder companies or separate service companies.

    For apparatus, we have a single pumper, carrying 1000 gallons, and the required hose and equipment for an engine-service company. We also have two tenders, each carrying 2000 gallons, that we use for water shuttle. The tenders also have pumping capability, and carry hose, nozzles, flashlights, etc.

    We spend a significant amount of our training time performing hose service testing, each year, on every piece of hose we carry on the pumper and two tenders.

    For the ISO inspection, is hose service testing and pumper service testing required on the the two tenders ? Or can we tell ISO that the tenders are only used for water shuttle, using a drop tank, and siphon hose connected to the pumper ?

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    give them a call:::


    suggest you hire a consultant

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    Your tankers/tenders can be identified as part of your water supply.

    You will be graded as a dept using an "Alternative Water Supply". All of your hose must be tested to receive full credit. The pump on your Engine must be tested. You need three years of pump and hose test.

    You don't give us the gpm on the pumps on the tankers, but unless they are 750gpm, they will not help for the overall pumping capacity.

    If you wish, I will be glad to give you assistance with what you can expect. If you give me some additional details, including how you refill your tankers, I may be able to make some suggestions.

    If you are interested in assistance, email me at pknight0@yahoo.com

    I have worked on both sides of the Public Protection Classification for over 20 years, both the Fire Service and ISO/Insurance Mitagation. If you provide enough data, perhaps I can score where you are at right now so you know what to expect, or where to make changes.

    What are you guys trying to get to?

    To rate a Class 8, you will need to provide 250gpm for two hours without interuption in flow. You won't really test for two hours, but ISO will conduct test that will determine your gpm to your Engine, hence your Fire Flow. This will be measured against the Needed Fire Flow for the structures in your district. Your water supply will be tested whether you draft from static water resources or use hydrants for refilling. Both water 'tests' use specific methods and measures for evaluation.

    The ISO Assessment will make for a long day, but can be alot easier if you know what to expect and train your guys for the test.

    First thing you should do is get your guys to relax. Despite the fact they will be tested, they should not be afraid of ISO. You can't afford to get stage fright. You need to realize that ISO is on your side.

    HAVE PLAN.............WILL TRAVEL

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    Sounds like you could easily get the "8B" classfication pretty easily. Palaadin, how does ISO go about hiring there employees for these fire department evaluations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robs411 View Post
    Sounds like you could easily get the "8B" classfication pretty easily. Palaadin, how does ISO go about hiring there employees for these fire department evaluations?
    From ISO:

    Past skills, knowledge or experience that could help prepare a person for this job include:

    Commercial property inspections such as safety or underwriting reports
    Field experience performing detailed property insurance analysis
    Fire service or engineering knowledge
    College degree in a technical discipline
    Strong math aptitude
    Proficient with Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel
    Ability to work independently
    Strong work ethic
    Valid driver's license
    The position requires some overnight travel, and you will work from your office at home to complete all work assignments.

    For more information: https://jobs-isofamily.icims.com/jobs/intro
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    All hose is to be tested. Regardless of what vehicle it is on or if it is spare hose at your house. They want it ALL tested.
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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