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    Default Question about upgrading scba

    i currently have 14 scott air-pak 50 2216psi. all of our mutual aid companies use the same ones. they are 2002 complient built in 2003. they came with the seperate auto arming pass alarms. is it fesable to try for sn afg upgrade to make them 2007 compliant? as well as get a intergrated pass and the pack-tracker? rural dept runing ~100 calls a year.

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    Std wisdom is FG wil not upgrade last edition SCBA. But adding down FF locator (Paktracker) might be a viable approach. FF safety is #1 priority of the program. Adding Paktraker will require upgrade to 2007 version of paks with integrated PASS. Not cheap though (like around $1900ea).

    I'm told that Paktrack tracker integrated into the Eagle 320 TI is also to be released shortly FG likes TI.

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