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    Default Long board/Stokes

    Do you take long boards or a stokes basket with your rit equipment. We are in the processs of using our 2nd out engine as our rit and moving it off our rescue. Just wondering because of space on the engine for a long board or stokes.

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    We use a stokes as standard equipment with our RIT. We also have a long board in the stokes. The stokes comes in handy. We actually put some of the equipment in the stokes and strap it in to carry it around. It makes it a lot easier to carry alot of the equipment. We usually the following in the stokes.

    Scott RIT Pack
    Our "FAST" bag - full of assorted ropes, webbing, carabiners, pulleys, etc.
    extra rope bag
    Cutters Edge saw

    Sometimes a little more sometimes a little less. Two FF can carry the stokes while the other 2 or 3 carry the TIC, axe, halligan, search rope or whatever else we may need. We run with a minimum of 4 FF for the RIT. We prefer 6 including an interior Officer. We also have one Officer at the command post not included as part of our minimum compliment.

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    Just curious why you are moving the RIC equipment from the rescue to the 2nd engine? My feeling is a RIC team is functioning like a rescue company it should have all possible rescue tools at the scene. Just my opinion.

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