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    has anyone gotten job offers from calfire for 2010 seasonal firefighter?

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    June 7th is the date in which all 3rd hires and new hires will be picked up.
    The 1st hire was this past Monday, the 2nd hire is next Monday, and the 3rd, like I said above is June 7th. (weird how the 1st and 2nd hire are only a week apart)

    I'm going back next Monday for the 2nd hire and I can tell you there are several stations in my unit that haven't made final decisions on what firefighters they want to pick up yet. Sometimes they will wait until the week before to tell you that you have gotten the job.

    I remember my 1st season when I got picked up and my buddy was tripping out because he hadn't gotten picked up yet. He got the call from another unit about a month and a half after I got the call from the unit I got a job with.

    I work for MMU (Mariposa-Madera-Merced) 4th season

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    i just got the call from san bernardino to start on June 7th. I just know of the start date, I have no clue which station I'll be going to. Im really excited to start working hard!! Good luck to everyone else

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