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    Default Visually impaired applicant

    I am an Asst. Chief of a volunteer fire department and we have had a young lady apply at our department and she is visually impaired.
    Does anyone have any idea or know of any legal ideas to help us with this? We just dont know what to do in this case.

    If anyone has any ideas or legal ideas please email me at asfd105@yahoo.com
    In subject line put visually impaired information

    Thank you

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    The best advise I could give you is to seek the advise of your City Attorney as he/she will be the one defending any decisions you make.

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    NFPA 1582 describes vision standards... However, if she is willing to operate in a limited scope and in a manner that is dictated as safe given her specific limitations, I'd explore that route. Without knowing the specific impairment and such, it kind of limits my responses.
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    Here in NY I went through a class (classroom/instructor training) with a visually imparied firefighter.....this was a while ago - but I think he was an interior FF - only operated on the buddy system - he was legally blind.....

    Like others said, though, check with an attorney, and do remember that there are non-interior jobs that may be able to be done......I also used to work with a gentleman with a physical impairment - basically had the use of one arm - he knew his limits and worked within them.....these are both volunteer departments.....

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