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    Our union is starting contract talks and we need to find departments out there that work 24/72. Please post the name of your dept and local number... thank you

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    DCFD -- Local 36
    Anne Arundel County Fire Department -- Local 1563
    Annapolis Fire Department -- Local 1926
    Prince George's County Fire Department -- Local 1619 (Employees also are assigned to day work shift)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtfd72 View Post
    Our union is starting contract talks and we need to find departments out there that work 24/72. Please post the name of your dept and local number... thank you
    What is it you are specifically looking for?

    This is a 4-Platoon Schedule that averages 42 hours per week (7 days) during 28 day cycle; 7 shifts every 28 days totaling 168 hours (plus hours for shift change- some are 30 minutes while others are 60 minutes.

    Example: If the shift is 25 hours (1 hour shift change), then add 7 hours to the 168 hours = 175 hours during the 28 day cycle.

    If the town/city adopts FSLA 7k, your overtime threshold will be 53 hours per week or 212 hours over 28 days.

    Call-back and fill-ins would be paid at straight time until 212 hours are reached over 28 day cycle. If you accumilate 175 hours over 28 days, you are eligible for 37 hours of call-back or fill-in before overtime triggers.

    Some Locals try to keep 7k from being adopted, using 42 hour as the overtime threshold. But due to budget reductions, many municipals are moving to 7k due to the Firefighter overtime exemptions.

    Here is the 24/72 Schedule (1 on 3 off)






    Cycle repeats every 28 days.

    The benefit of the schedule for you is 3 days off. If you 'skip' one day, you will have 7 days off. You always have 2 weekends off; but 1 begins at 0700 on Sat morning.

    The benefit to the muni is it reduces overtime. Trades are easier to accomplish within 28 day cycle.

    Hope this helps.
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    Jersey City Fire Officers....Local 1064
    Jersey City FF's.....Local 1066

    We start at 0800. Changed from 10/14's about 23-24 years ago.
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    Default better schedules

    Our local in CT just had a meeting and we are looking into getting a new schedule for our next contract. The 24/72 has been suggested to us. Another one that was suggested was 24hr on, 24 hrs off, 24 hr on, 5 days (120hrs) off. Anyone have any expereince with that schedule? What are the pros and cons of each?

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    thats what I work. I like it. Its awesome for people who want a part time gig.... 5 days off is a lot. Its like a vacation every time you get done working what we call a tour... your 2 days at work.

    Only problem is that if you have a rough first day, that middle in-between day sometimes is nothing but sleeping.

    But, I love it.
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