Greeting Brothers and sisters, My name is Chief Scott Shepherd and in oct 2009 after 12 years of fire svc. work, 26 yrs. of having little to no Fire protection in my area of the county. It all began with a communtiy meeting and here we are, with a shoestring budget and to beat all no county tax base for f.d's. Fortunately, the other 5 VFD's started the same way we did and were ever so greatful as we have 3 pumpers, a tanker and a mini pumper.At this point were fundraising to the point people are gettin sick of giving us money with the economy these days. As of now our biggest problem is PPE. We are applying for the AFG this year but we all know how buildings like to burn with or without proper equipment. Anyway if theirs any help anyone can give our department it will be greatly appreciated. I own a set of Morning pride which i purchased myself but im also a paid FF on the city dept and a volly on another besides mine. I dont mind lending my gear anytime but im on 3 moderately high call depts, and we all know what ive got tied up in my gear to end up gettin it burned by a rookie. Sad thing is the dept. cant afford to replace or fix it. So, in closing if anyone in or out of KY has anything they could help us with please feel free to e-mail me
P.S. SMVFD Station will forever be known as 343 in loving memory of our fallen brothers so no-one will ever forget.