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    Yes, have to be aware of the semantics fun, as the Forum Communications Officer just pointed out. I said console thinking Computer Aided Dispatch system, since I blocked out my mind the time at the old VFD dispatch office punching the console buttons to patch and unpatch the 800mhz to drop tones on low-band for the pagers. Not missing that a bit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LVFD301 View Post
    Be careful in your justification for consoles. Consoles can be obsolete, buy I would not blame narrowbanding as consoles are neither narrow or wideband. That part is defined by the radio attached to the console, not the console itself.
    You're right, the narrowbanding is only to be used on our repeaters and the radios. The console and CAD are both nearing obsoletion and are in dire need of replacement though.

    Thanks for the input LVFD & BC

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