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    Exclamation Public Employee Retirement Preservation Act

    "Brothers and Sisters:

    As much as we would like to believe that public officials at every level
    revere fire rescue personnel as indispensable, members of the Florida
    Legislature would like to give you an alternate viewpoint. This week a
    pension reform bill entitled, Public Employee Retirement Preservation Act,
    was filed as Senate bill (SB) 1902, and House bill (HB) 1319. Don't be
    mislead by the title, there is nothing in this bill that "preserves" your

    The bill seeks to fundamentally change the manner and calculation by which
    our pension benefits are determined. The following schedule illustrates some
    of the main points of contension that we have with this bill. We will
    certainly be on the offensive with our local legislative delegation to
    hopefully defeat this assault on our state pension plan. I will be in
    Tallahassee in March, and again in April with a contingent of our Eboard to
    further our efforts against the bill.

    The bill proposes to at a minimum:

    * Requires participating employees to contribute into the pension fund
    (4% to 8% has been rumored).
    * Requires anyone entering the DROP program after 7/1/11 to contribute
    an additional 1% of salary to the plan.
    * Board of Trustees of a Chapter 175 plan (Tampa) is prohibited from
    having any current or retired members serve in such capacity.
    * Changes the calculation of pension and DROP benefits from the
    average of an employee's highest 60 months earnings to averaging earnings
    utilizing all years of service.
    * Excludes OT, accumulated annual leave, and any other regularly
    occuring compensation from the pension calculation.
    * Changes for new employees hired after 7/1/11, the "normal retirement
    date." The change would require 33 years of high risk serrvice if one has
    not attained the age of 60, or 25 years of high risk service if one has
    attained the age of 60.
    * Fixes the maximum pension benefit at 80% for any employee who has
    not attained 6 years of service in the system on or before 7/1/10.
    Additionally, OT and other forms of compensation beyond base salary shall
    not be used to calculate their final average compensation.
    ...at this time.

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    Default Frs


    I thank "UtilityCow" for passing his information along. This time, more than any other time in the past, is when we need to come together as brothers and support our union officers and the FPF in an effort to prevent these drastic changes from taking place.

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    Good post Cow: Our union has just heard about this. Gee whiz...gonna retire in about 5 yrs, what the heck is gonna happen? Bastard public officials who sit behind desks all day, always sleep well at nite, all holidays off with pay, nice cars, perks up the buttocks. FF's under public scrutiny now because Joe Smith lost his 20 yr job screwing the public, lost his Bucs tickets and 3 car garage while I have one car for last 10 yrs. **** on them, I'll survivr while working as a bagger at Publix for my "retirement"

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    My pleasure. This bill would mostly effect those of us hired within the last five years. Please make sure your union is aware of this bill. I will be keeping an eye on what happens and will try to keep this thread updated.
    ...at this time.

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    This affects all FRS including teachers and county/state employees. My wife is high risk FRS but the PBA and IAFF don't seem all that concerned about it. 80% is better than the 70% we were told was in the bill which is still better than the 401k our city wants to put us in.
    If your going to cry about doing the job you signed up for do us all a favor and quit, there are plenty of dedicated people standing in line for the best job in the world.


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    Can you imagine having to do 33 years of high risk ??... its called high risk for a reason.

    Secondly ... blah blah employees should contribute to their ret. ... well they already do ... when this went in to effect years ago a lot had to give up a lot to get it .... you lose a lot of quality choices by reducing the benefits.

    To shut scare crow up before he gets here ..... yes you will still get quality candidates but a lot wont stay ... period. Once they see what they have to put up with FOR LESS. Hmmm lung cancer, down right hostile working conditions a lot of days, make more selling cars ... the retirement quite often keeps those that know in the go.

    This is BS all in all ... dont think the friggin' bean counters dont already know how much retirement costs plus wages are when they go in to negotiations. Now they want to change it without renegotiating it.

    Wicked rant off ....

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